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Being a very well recognised brand in several other areas in the UK, Littlewoods offers a great experience in bingo games as well. The website looks very attractive with colors that remind us something fresh and energetic. There is excellent blend of green, purple and red and a lot of cool graphics and animations.

Littlewoods bingo offers only 90-ball games but also a lot of other games like casino, slots and scratch cards. We really concentrated on the bingo games while we were reviewing Littlewoods. When you sign up with Littlewoods bingo you get a 100% match bonus up to £125. We can safely say that Littlewoods bingo is one of the online bingo halls that offer the most bonus. This is not only due to the first deposit bonus which is offered by most of the online bingo websites but also because of the other numerous bonuses that are deposited to your account for several reasons. For example you also get bonus on ongoing deposits and by playing some other games. We got a £50 bonus by winning in Atlantis Slot. We were also happy to find out that we have received a £10 bonus the next day we logged in to the system without doing anything at all. However, note that you can’t withdraw the bonus without meeting some wagering requirements. Generally you should expect many bonuses while you play at Littlewoods bingo, but keep in mind that you can only play bingo games with the bonus amount and some few of the other games.

Littlewoods bingo main site

Littlewoods bingo main site

In your account area you will find information related to three different aspects of the gaming. The first one is your balance. This has to do with your real cash balance which is a total of the money you have deposited plus the money you have won and meet the wagering requirements. The balance is actually the amount of money you can withdraw. There is a separate amount called “bonus”. This serves as a wallet for bonus money which are given to you as we have described previously. You cannot transfer money from bonus to cash balance. However, when you are playing bingo games you total available balance is the sum of the cash and bonus balance. This also happens in very few of the other games as well, but most of them only allow you to play with cash balance.

Bingo ball board

Bingo ball board

The last thing you will notice in your account area is the Loyalty status. Your loyalty on Littlewoods bingo is measured using loyatly points. This is very similar to other bingo sites. For every purchased of tickets on Littlewoods bingo you get loyalty points. Currently the rate is 10 loyalty points for every £1 spent on tickets. Some other games also give you loyalty points. Loyalty points can also be exchanged for bonus money to play bingo or for some prizes that Littlewoods offers. These prizes start at 100K points so you will need to be a “loyal” player to get them.

Apart from the regular games there is also am online VIP bingo section in the site. To play there you need to be invited. However, Littlewoods include some contact details of the VIP Coordinator so we guess that you can contact them and join in the VIP club if you are a good bingo player. The site also has a timetable of some bingo game events which is good to watch for joining some great bingo action. Best of all, there is a downloadable bingo alert software which can be installed on your computer and notify you once new special bingo games appear.

The game itself is very well designed. The software is based on flash which means that you can play straight away without downloading anything to your computer. To join a bingo room select the one you like. There are 5p, 25p and 50p rooms and some pre-scheduled games that offer 1p tickets. Once you join in an online room you can see the current game taking place and buy tickets for the next game. There is a small delay between each game in order for everyone to have time to buy tickets. You can use the ticket selector which controls the number of tickets you want to buy or select separate tickets from the list on the right side. A zoom-in / zoom-out control is there to make it easy for you to scroll around all available tickets.

Bingo game live at Littlewoods

Bingo game live at Littlewoods

The chat interface of Littlewoods bingo is nice, though not the best we have seen. The actions are available with two clicks and we would like some of them to be available directly hit a simple click of the mouse. There are also some functions like Auto buy, which guarantees you to be in the next game as well (if you have available balanced of course). The bingo board looks good and it’s placed on the top right area of the game screen. It’s very convenient in that location.

A fantastic feature of Littlewoods bingo is that it offers some quite big jackpots in most of the bingo games. For example you can get 24K+ pounds if you score a full house in 37 or less calls. This makes the game very attractive and the opportunity to win such an amount got us much more addicted to the game.

As far as the financial stuff, Littlewoods bingo supports practically all common ways to deposit money. We used a credit card to make our first deposit and both our deposit and the initial bonus appeared in our account immediately.

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