Being one of the oldest bingo sites (started back in 1999), has a great offer for playing free bingo. Here is how to get your free bonus without depositing anything.

Once you create your account on you are redirected to a page where you can make your first deposit. You can either make a deposit or skip this step completely by going to the main page. If you skip the deposit you will find out that your account is credited £15 worth of bonus money. Be careful however since you can’t withdraw these money as you can’t withdraw at all if you have not made any deposit.

This is how you account statement will look like once you create an account without depositing money at

GBP Account Balances

Cash:  £0.00
Cash Winnings:  £0.00
Bonus:  £0.00
Bonus Winnings:  £0.00
Bingo Bucks:  £15.00
Available for Withdrawal:  £0.00

Our suggestion is to make a first deposit so you will get even more bonus and the option to withdraw money once you want. By depositing just £5 at you will get another £10 as a bonus.

To get your bonus money and start playing bingo for free, follow this link >