Twitter is one of the most popular online social networks, thus being used by many bingo sites to inform members and funs about the latest updates, such as new games, events and promotions.

Wink Bingo, an online UK bingo website, joined the business approximately one year ago, and has grown really fast, gathering a great number of online bingo players, and consequently, increasing its popularity among bingo fans.

Recently, Wink Bingo added a link to Twitter on its homepage so that bingo players, who are Twitter members as well, can add their Wink Bingo Twitter id to their list of sites to follow. Hence, they have the opportunity to check for updates concerning Wink Bingo each time they sign in. The bingo website is going to be benefited as well, since it will be able to contact both members and potential customers easily and freely, providing up-to-date information about big bingo games, promotions, special prizes and tournaments held by Wink Bingo.

This trend is expanding in many other networks like Facebook, where a great deal of online bingo sites creates fan pages where members can find updates and any other kind of information available online. In addition, these pages announce winners offering the players the joy and satisfaction that they are earn a flash of fame, due to their win.