While there are several variations of bingo games, the two most known bingo games are the 90-ball and the 75-ball bingo variants. In all types of bingo games, players purchase tickets before the start of the game and then they match the numbers that are drawn to the numbers on their tickets. The one who completes a certain pattern wins.

The 90 ball bingo is very popular in the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. The tickets in this game have three rows of nine spots each. Players purchase cards that each of them has 6 tickets on it. On every card, the 90 numbers are randomly distributed. Each row of a ticket has only five numbers so the rest of the spots are blank. The game begins by calling randomly one by one, numbers from 1 to 90.

In 90 ball bingo there are three ways to win. The first player who completes a whole row in any of her tickets wins the first prize. After the first prize is won, the next prize is won once someone completes two lines. The final prize which is also known as “full house” is when a player completes all the numbers on her ticket.

Most bingo online sites offer jackpots as well. These jackpots have special requirements that have to be met in order to be won. Most of the times, the jackpot is won is someone gets a full house in less than a certain amount of calls. The value of the jackpot is greatly dependent on the number of calls that the full house should be won. The fewer the calls, the larger the jackpot. Jackpots can range in money from £200 to more than 5 million pounds.

The 90 ball bingo is the most popular type of bingo both in offline halls and in online bingo sites. This is mainly due to the bigger prizes that it offers and also to the fact that the game takes longer to finish since there are three different prizes. 90 ball bingo if offered by all of the bingo sites that can be found on bingoonlineuk.org.uk. Furthermore some sites like Littlewoods bingo offer only this type of game.